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We Are Dauntless

We are Dauntless ( is a philisophical exploration of why we do what we do and where we are headed. It provides key details on the why and the where since many of our projects primarily focus on the how and the what.

Due to the philisophical nature of content we had to pick a starting point. For this particular site we decided to assume the target audience was disntinctly christian. All of the content on this site is operating from this base assumption. It is seeking to take this core and build upon it, specifically in those areas where we see the greatest lack in our community today.

The Logo has been selected with some care for symbolic presentation.

It is broken down into three colors

  • The first is green. Green is often used to represent both life and value both of which ideas we believe come from solid relationships. This segment is the foundation thus it is set against the ground - we build everything else from this point.
  • The second is blue. Blue is often used to represent steadfastnes and dependability (confidence). We believe that much of stability and dependability in life comes from having a solid skillset - working with your hands (that thing which is good). This segment is setup like a mountain to represent the craftsmanship challenge that is available in skilled labor.
  • The third component is Gold. Gold is often used to represent hope, and wealth. We believe that both of these ideas stem from having a clear and focused vision of the future. This component is situated like an arrow pointing towards the future - as vision defines much of where we end up in life.

The rest of the site digs deeper into each of these areas covering key ideas and thoughts. Please feel free to interact with us, ask questions, make comments, suggest new and alternate ideas.